A Collection of Eocene and Oligocene Fossils

compiled by Alan Morton

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The format of species names is:
Genus species Authority Date
for example:
Pseudodostia traceyi Symonds 2009
This indicates that this species name was assigned and described by Symonds in a scientific paper published in 2009.

Abbreviations used:

?Denotes doubt and is placed before the part of the name in doubt, e.g.
?Bithynia conica denotes doubt about the genus rather than the species.
Nipteraxis ?goossensi denotes doubt about the species rather than the genus.
?Ogcocephalus ?glyptosus denotes doubt about the species and the genus.
Quotes denote a genus used in the broadest sense and is possibly, strictly speaking, incorrect, but a more appropriate genus is not obvious, e.g.
"Cancellaria" silvestris
(...)In a species name, brackets denote a subgenus, e.g.
Clithon (Pictoneritina) cranmorensis
In an authority, brackets denote that the named author originally assigned the species name, but the species has since been assigned to a different genus, e.g.
Viviparus angulosus (J. Sowerby 1817) [= Phasianella angulosa J. Sowerby 1817]
[...]Square brackets denote a synonym. Synonyms are other names that have been applied to the same species.
sp.species : an undetermined (unidentified) or unknown species. Some of these will be new, undescribed species.
sp. indet.species indeterminata : a species that has not or cannot be determined (identified).
sp. nov.species nova : a new, undescribed species.
ssp.subspecies : a subdivision of a species.
var.varietas : variety; a subdivision of a species.
gr.group : in the group of, e.g.
Serratocerithium gr.tuberculosum denotes that the specimen is in the tuberculosum species group of the genus Serratocerithium.
cf.conferre : compare with, e.g.
Batillaria cf.bouei suggests that the specimen is very similar to that species but is perhaps not identical.
aff.affinis : having affinity with, e.g.
Clavilithes aff.conjunctus denotes that the specimen is closely related to that species, but is not the same and may be a new, undescribed species.
coll.collected : collected by.
Colln.Collection : in the Collection of.
det.determined : determined (identified) by (if not Alan Morton).
conf.confirmed : confirmed by (following initial determination by Alan Morton).


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