Atlas Flora of Montgomeryshire

edited by

Alan Morton
Marjorie Wainwright
Ian Trueman

This on-line atlas contains updated maps from the Flora of Montgomeryshire which was originally published as:

Trueman, I., Morton, A. & Wainwright, M. (1995) The Flora of Montgomeryshire. The Montgomeryshire Field Society and The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, Welshpool. ISBN 0-9526715-0-6

The maps presented here do not include the very rare species of Montgomeryshire. The widespread species are mapped at 10 km (hectad) precision, and those with more restricted distributions are mapped at 2 km (tetrad) precision. For the tetrad maps, different symbols indicate whether the records are before or after the BSBI Atlas 2000 date threshold of 1986, and whether the records are new finds since the Flora was published in 1995.

All maps have been produced using the DMAP software for Distribution and Coincidence Mapping.

Pages last revised: 29 December 2000 by Alan Morton

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