Atlas Flora of Montgomeryshire - Statistics

Number of grid squares with land area in Montgomeryshire
10 km: 36 squares Tetrad (2 km): 589 squares

For the purposes of the field survey for the Flora of Montgomeryshire, species were categorized, on the basis of earlier information, as follows:

Category Estimated Distribution Number of species Precision for Recording
A Widespread 185 10 km
B Intermediate 452 2 km
C Rare 537 100 m

Total number of species recorded since 1970: 1089

Mapped species: these are the A species at 10 km precision, and the B species plus 87 of the more frequent C species at 2 km precision.

Coincidence Map showing the Species Richness of Tetrads in Montgomeryshire
(The map is based on the 539 mapped B and C species only)

Species Richness Map