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This page contains a small selection of comments from some users of DMAP.

DMAP really helped us a lot, as with other software (e.g. ArcGIS), distribution maps generation would be more difficult!
Spyros Tsiftsis, Atlas of the Greek Orchids, GREECE

Your programme has been a wonderful asset while working on the distribution of the Irish caddisflies.
James O’Connor, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, IRELAND

It's the nicest program that I have ever seen.
Hamid Moazzeni, Botany Department, University of Tehran, IRAN.

This software is a pleasure to use. You are guided through in simple-to-follow steps and if anything is unclear the author is only too happy to help. A real boon for research.
Tony Abramson, PhD Student in Numismatics, University of York, UK.

I much admire the flexibility of DMAP and the way it can be adapted to various circumstances.
Peter Browne, Bird Atlas of Mauritania, Ottawa, CANADA.

I can confirm it arrived today and works a treat. I'd got all the files ready using the demo version and it's been very easy to slot them in. It's wonderfully easy to use and the results are just perfect for what I'm looking for. Great bit of software.
Douglas Boyes, County Butterfly Recorder for Montgomeryshire, UK.

I am very pleased with the software; it is accurate, flexible, fast and allows you to produce maps in the same format without the need to re-assign the style options each time.
Clare Marie Mifsud, Bat Distribution Mapping, Biology Conservation Research Group, University of Malta, MALTA.

I have been a DMAP user for over 20 years and I have always been very satisfied by its capabilities and ease of use. In particular, handling a large bird atlas project presented no problems - the import of 120,000 records from Excel file formats was achieved easily and the flexibility within DMAP gave us many options for final mapping.
Dr Ian Francis, Area Manager, NE Scotland, RSPB Scotland, UK.

Many thanks for your help - and I should say a huge thanks for coming up with DMAP in the first place, I know that it is used by a great number of conservation and environmental organisations and individuals; I don't know where we would be without it! I would also add that the after-sales service you provide has been excellent too.
Mike Crewe, Programs Director, Cape May Bird Observatory, USA.

Thanks, it is a fast way to display the distribution records for each species. We have a huge amount of flora distribution data for South-west Victoria (Australia) collected over the last 20 years of field work.
Tim D'Ombrain, Biodiversity Services, AUSTRALIA.

Hi Alan, just a quick note to congratulate you on a fantastic product in DMAP. As you may know I am using it to generate maps for the Gloucestershire Bird Atlas and get asked for quite a few ad-hoc refinements (such as today’s request to generate separate Key File images). DMAP has always proved completely flexible and able to deliver.
Phil Davis, Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society, UK.

I have found DMAP to be a wonderfully useful but simple program for my linguistic/dialect research.
Dr Warren Maguire, Lecturer in Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Thanks again for advice (and, of course, for some powerful but very useable software).
Chris du Feu, Nottinghamshire, UK.

DMAP gives me the visualisation of all those years of hard data collection, and (I have to say) gives me the most pleasure out of all the programme I use to view records.
Nick Moyes, Keeper of Natural Sciences, Derby Museum & Art Gallery, UK

Today I am able to work with it and it is a fantastic piece of software.
Iztok Škornik, Secovlje Salina Nature Park, SLOVENIA

I would like to confirm that your mail has arrived and the installation of DMAP worked like a charm. I am very content with this piece of software and my co-author is very happy with the distribution map I have already created.
Dr Paul Westrich, Institut für Biologie und Naturschutz, Kusterdingen, GERMANY

I wanted also to tell that I have one book published last year. There are more than 80 digital maps made in DMAP. I really enjoy working with DMAP.
Dr Victor Chepinoga, Irkutsk State University Baikal Research Center, RUSSIA.

I am very pleased with the programme, it is ideal for my purposes and very easy to use.
Richard Lawrence, Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project, Bedfordshire, UK.

Just want to let you know (after a few days of very hard work with Dmap) that your program is still incredible and makes working with maps enjoyable and very easy.
Carlo van Rijswijk, Doorwerth, THE NETHERLANDS.

Once again many thanks for all your help and I will certainly spread the word, its a marvellous package.
John Day, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Oxford, UK.

Thank you for your kind explanation on how to use this wonderful software.
Dr Su Zhiyao, College of Forestry, South China Agricultural University, P. R. CHINA.

It is really a pleasure to work with your program!
Thomas Gregor, Hochschule Vechta, GERMANY.

I can honestly say that I have never had trouble with the programme since I started using it in 1992. It's well written and works like a dream, and it's great to have the extra capabilities of the later versions.
Mark Pool, Torquay, UK.

DMAP is the ideal archaeologists work tool for small or large scale mapping. Using the DMAP digitizer to generate your own map or plan the programme allows you to select the area you want to map and to place symbols for finds with considerable accuracy - it can be used for a small trench or the whole of the British Isles. The versatility is superb. As an archaeological surveyor I can certainly recommend this programme for accuracy and ease of use.
Dr Andy Keay, Surrey, UK.

I must say that I do find DMAP to be a very pleasing and useful piece of software.
Dr Bryan Wheeler, University of Sheffield, UK.

I've been using DMAP version 7.0 for a few months now and wanted to let you know that it does everything I need it to! With mapping data already available on the internet I am able to produce beautiful distribution maps of collection localities of Lesquerella and Physaria (Brassicaceae) species that include any combination of (to name a few) state boundaries, elevation contours, water courses, county boundaries, roads, National Parks, Indian Reservations, Nation Forests, and Bureau of Land Management Districts. You have written a wonderful program.
Dr Steve O'Kane, University of Northern Iowa, USA.

I do congratulate you on an excellent program which gets better with each new version: keep up the good work.
John Crocker, British Arachnological Society Spider Recording Scheme, UK.

I've been using DMAP a great deal over several years for a variety of Afrotropical biodiversity projects, and continue to find it a joy to use: adaptable and very user friendly.
Bob Dowsett, Ganges, FRANCE

As you need DMAP to do more the author makes it do more. If it doesn't do something he makes it happen, that's the way software should be. We couldn't make an atlas without it.
Tony Price, Somerset Environmental Records Centre, UK

I am very satisfied with DMAP, it is easy to use and very powerful.
Antoni Aguilella i Palasi, València, SPAIN

DMAP is an excellent mapping package: easy to use, produces good quality output and can be easily integrated with other data sources. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to do any distribution mapping.
Bill Corner, University of Manchester, UK

I have been using DMAP for some time now and find it very satisfactory.
John Earley, Skibbereen, IRELAND

Many thanks for the DMAP upgrade. This is by far the most useful computer program I have.
Gwynn Ellis, Botanical Society of the British Isles, Cardiff, UK

I am very pleased with the application, particularly the rate of recovery when zooming in/out.
Brian Blaylock, South Australia, AUSTRALIA

Thanks again for your great program!
Lewis Veale, Isle of Man, UK

Looking for species distribution mapping software, I downloaded from the web and I tried a lot of mapping programs. My conclusion is that DMAP is the best solution/choice for me.
Dr. Kósa Ferenc, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, ROMANIA

I have found the program excellent.
Michael Walker, Butterfly Conservation East Midlands, Nottingham, UK

I enjoy working with DMAP very much.
Milan Chytrý, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC

I have to say that I found DMAP incredibly easy to use, I was getting useful results within a couple of hours.
Richard Skeet, Hereford, UK

I am happy you have given me the opportunity to use your excellent programs.
Prof Erast Parmasto, Institute of Zoology and Botany, Tartu, ESTONIA

Best wishes, and thanks for your excellent services to those of us that map distributions.
Dr Derek Yalden, Chapel-en-le-Frith, UK

I think it is a very helpful and useful bit of software: simple and understandable and therefore very easy to use.
Kees Camphuysen, Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Texel, THE NETHERLANDS

I look forward in anticipation to the new features in the latest software, and again would congratulate you on continuing to provide an excellent piece of software at an affordable price.
David Price, Exeter, UK

Again, excellent program. I grow steadily more fond of it for every hour spent on it. And the hours are accumulating fast!
Tommy Pedersen, Oslo, NORWAY

DMAP has proved very useful in plotting the distribution of Simuliidae in Britain because of its acceptance of map references and coordinates.
John B. Davies, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK.

The demo version really persuaded me to acquire a licence for DMAP, because I felt that this was just the system I needed: well constructed, easy to use and understand, fast.
Jean-Paul Reding, Corcelles, SWITZERLAND

Thank you again, and congratulations on what promises to be an invaluable tool for my botanical recording.
Brian Wright, Maldon, UK

Thank you very much for the upgrade of your very useful DMAP.
Giancarlo Fracasso, Vicenza, ITALY

I have just delivered "Butterflies of Essex" to the printers complete with a full set of DMAPS. I found the program a delight to use.
Dr David Corke, Saffron Walden, UK

Thank you for your constant help and support. Your DMAP is excellent!
Dr. Herbert Tichy, Max-Planck-Institut für Biologie, Tübingen, GERMANY

Best wishes from a satisfied customer.
Stuart Roberts, Bees Wasps and Ants Recording Society, Salisbury, UK

I have been working on the dmap package - it is excellent, just what I need. It will make production of the Atlas so much easier.
Dr Liam Lysaght, Gowran, IRELAND

We have tested the DMAP software and it has proven to be very useful for our research. We gain a lot of time by using DMAP.
Prof. Dr. Erik Smets, Heverlee, BELGIUM

Many thanks for the DMAP upgrade. It is a very nice piece of software.
Dr Peter Mill, University of Leeds, UK

DMAP is just wonderful--I looked for several years to find such a program and developed many headaches trying to use other programs.
Prof Richard Campbell, University of California, USA

Thanks for a brilliant piece of software.
Henry R. Arnold, Biological Records Centre, Huntingdon, UK

I am using more than 45000 records of mammals for the Spanish Atlas Project, in UTM 10km squares, and I am very satisfied with the results. Congratulations. I think that it is a very useful and easy application.
Dr Luis Javier Palomo, Universidad de Málaga, SPAIN

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